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Moolasthanas in Dakshina Kannada & Udupi districts

 Locations of Moolasthanas in Dakshina Kannada & Udupi districts

The Moolasthanas are the original settlements of Tulu tribes before they split into various castes based on their occupations. It can be estimated based on crude markers that the Tulu migrant tribes settled in coastal parts of Karnataka about 2200(±200) years ago. The estimation of settling date can be made more accurate with availability of more accurate markers. Fishing was, apparently, one of the earliest occupations they could adapt to.

The list is provided for studying some of the locations of Moolasthanas in the coast. There could be more Moolasthanas than given in the list. Documentation of more than one Moolasthana for a lineage possibly indicates subsequent migration of the fraction of the

Lineage Location Village District
Amin Yermal Tenka Udupi
Bangera Hoode Udupi
Gujaran Sultan-battery Bolur Mangalore
Kanchan Polipu Udupi
Karkera Baikampadi Mangalore
Karkera Yermal Bada Udupi
Kotiankar Kaup Udupi
Kundar Kodi Hejmadi Mangalore
Maindan Mulki Mangalore
Mendon Kote Katpadi Udupi
Pangalannaya Baikamapdi Mangalore
Puthran Mulki Mangalore
Puthran Tadambail Surathkal Mangalore
Salian Kadike Haleangadi Mangalore
Salian Yermal Bada Udupi
Salian Palimar Udupi
Shriyan Gudde Pangala Udupi
Shriyan Kadapi kariya Kuloor Mangalore
Suvarna Hiriyadka Udupi
Suvarna Kulai Mangalore
Tingalya Kadike Haleangadi Mangalore


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