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Know about the Tulunadu Emblem & Flag

Tulu nadu Emblem & Flag

Tulunadu Flag

The Legends prevalent in Tulu Nadu say that the western coast of India was threatened by tumultuous waves and tempests, causing the land to be overcome by the sea. Parashurama fought back the advancing waters, demanding Varuna release the land. During their fight, Parashurama threw his axe into the sea. A mass of land rose up. Thus, Parashurama pushed back the coastline between the foothills of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, creating Parashurama Srishti also known as Tulu Nadu.
The Canara, Kasaragod district ,Sakleshpura taluk , Mudigere & Sringeri taluk) thick greenery coastal belt is Parasuramas gift to mankind. Tulu is one of the five Dravidian languages of South India (Pancha-Dravida Bhasha)

Tulu nadu Emblem
Tulunadu Emblem & Flag:

The emblem of Tulu nadu has two headed axe which symbolizes the weapon of Lord Parashurama. The axe is guarded by tigers, as it is said that in ancient days The Tulunad had a huge number of huge size tigers, used by gods. The Six stars represent Valor, Spiritual power, Friendly nature, Hardworking, Patriotism & Pride of Tulunadu. The emblem is represented in center of the rectangle saffron flag.

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