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The Tulu film industry, also known as “Coastalwood” (on the lines of Hollywood/Bollywood) is a part of Indian cinema. Despite having started way back in 1971 with the first tulu film “Enna Thangadi” the tulu films were under the shadow of Kannada films (Sandlwood). Finally the Tulu films are making their own marks as a film industry. Now tulu films reased in theatres abeing released simultaneously in Mangalore, Udupi and Mumbai, Bangalore, Gulf & Foreign countries. We will showcase the latest news from Coastalwood.


ಸುಮಾರು 450 ವರ್ಷೊದ ಪಿರಾಕ್'ಡ್ ನಂಬಿನಕಲೆ ಇಂಬು ಕೊರ್ಪ, ಸತ್ಯೊ ಗೆಂದಾದ್ ಕೊರ್ಪ, ಪಂದ್ ತುಳುನಾಡ್'ಗ್ ಅಭಯೊನು ಕೊರಿನ ಅಮರ್ ಬೀರೆರ್, ಇನೆ ಉಲ್ಲ ಬಂಟೆರಾಯಿನ ಕೋಟಿ ಚೆನ್ನಯರ್ನ ಕಾರ್ಣಿಕದ ಅಪ್ಪೆ ದೇಯಿ ಬೈದೆತಿನ ಬದುಕುದ ಸತ್ಯ ಕತೆ ಸಿನಿಮಾದ ಒರುಟ್ಟು. Tulu Movie Based on a Real Story " DEYI BAIDETHI ...

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Rambarooti – A Tulu film Starring, VJ Vineeth, Chirashri Anchan. Releasing on 1st April.

Rambarooti - A Tulu film Starring VJ Vineeth, Chirashri Anchan. Rambarooti - The Ultimate mash up, is an upcoming Tulu language film directed by Prajwal Kumar Attavar Starring Vj Vineeth,Chirashri Anchan releasing on 1st April. The film has interesting story ...

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Chandi Kori

Chandi Kori is a 2015 Indian Tulu  film directed by  Devadas kapikad also appearing in a supporting role. Arjun Kapikad and Karishma Amin star in lead roles, and  Naveen D Padil ,Bhojraj Vamanjoor and Aravind Bolar  feature in supporting roles. Cast Arjun Kapikad ...

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Ekka Saka

Ekka Saka is a Tulu language film directed by K.Sooraj shetty Starring Hitesh Naik and Sonal Montero in lead roles and Naveen D Padil , Bhaojraj Vamanjoor , Aravind Bolar ,Tennis  Krishna, Achyutha Kumar , Padmaja Rao, Umanath Kotian, Sudha Belavadi,Sathish Bandale, Shobhraj, Chaitra ...

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Dhand (Tulu Movie)

After the success of Nirel, Sandhya Creations launches its second movie, Dhand. Ranjith Bajpe of Nirel fame selected to direct the movie. Once the project started, Sudhakar Kudroli had been appointed as Executive Producer. Protagonist of the movie required action and romantic image, hence ...

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Upcoming  TULU M OVIES  in 2015 : 1) Soombe 2) Ekka Saka 3) Oriyan Thoonda Oriyag Apuji 4) Beere Devu Poonje 5) Super Marmaye 6) Kattada Kori 7) Dibbana 8) Right Bokka Left 9) Denna Dennana 10) Pili Male 11) Dance ...

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Bolkir – Tulu Short Movie

Bolkir is a Tulu Short Movie film directed by Loku Kudla BOLKIR is Dream Project of Lokukudla who started his Career as Lyrics Writer for first International Tulu Movie Nirel which gave him a opportunity to dream beyond Writing Lyrics ...

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Chaali Polilu

Chaali Polilu Kolilu Malilu is a  Tulu  language film directed by Virendra Shetty Kavoor starring Devadas kapikad,Naveen D Padil and Bhojraj Vamanjoor  in lead roles. Chaali Polilu is produced under the banner of Jayakirana films by Prakash Pandeshwar.The film has shared valuable message to ...

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Rang (color) is a Tulu film directed by Suhan Prasad and Vismaya Vinayak starring Arjun Kapikad,, Deekshitha Acharya,Devadas kapikad,Naveen D Padil,Bhojraj Vamanjoor  Famous  comedian Johnny Lever appears in guest role. Rang is produced under the banner of Kateeleshwari Combines. Plot The film is about ...

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