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Bondas Masala



800 gms Squid Rings
1 Onion finely chopped
1 med size tomato chopped
4 to 5 flakes garlic crushed
1” ginger crushed
3 pcs Green chili slit
1 Tspn Mustard seeds
¼ Tspn Ajwain
2 Tbspn coconut oil
1 handful of curry leaves
1 Tspn kodam puli or Tamarind
½ Tspn turmeric powder

a) Marinate the squid w/ ½ Tspn Turmeric powder & ½ Tspn chili powder with some salt. Boil well and set aside
b) Coconut Paste- ½ grated coconut well fried in 1 Tspn of oil. Should be brown and grind with little water and set a side.
c) Prepare Roasted powder: 1 Tspn cumin seeds, ½ Tspn fenugreek seeds, small pc of cinnamon, 2 cloves, 2 petals of anise & ½ Tspn whole pepper, 4 dry red long chilis+2 small dry red chili’s. Dry roast them and powder and set aside.

In oil, throw in mustard seeds and when it crackles, add ajwain, ginger, garlic. Add in the onions, followed by the roasted ground powder(c). Add tomatoes and green chili’s, kodam puli, turmeric powder. Now add the boiled squid (a) and mix well.
Add the coconut paste (b) with ½ cup water. Ensure that the squids are cooked well.


Ref : Home made Culinary

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