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Beaches in Mangalore/Udupi

1. Someshwara  Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches in Mangalore, the Someshwara Beach is an iconic rocky beach facing the Kanara Region a little distance away from Managlore. One of the most popular tourist places in Mangalore, the beach is known for ‘Rudra Shile’- which is a formation of large rocks on the shoreline. The ancient and important Somanath Temple was built up here, during the rule of the queen Abbakka Devi. The rule of this queen is legendary as she was touted as being a warrior queen who pushed back and fought against the Potuguese valiantly.

However, the beach is not safe to swim in as the ocean currents are quite and unpredictable at any given time. You can still enjoy the peace and serenity of the beach sitting on the rocks and letting the cold ocean waves lap at your feet as you take in the beauty of this stunning place to visit in Mangalore.

Getting To Someshwara Beach

Someshwara beach is located 9 km from Mangalore city. The beach is close to Byndoor and Ullal towns.  Mangalore is well connected to the rest of India by road and rail. The nearest airport to Someshwara beach is Mangalore. Mangalore has a variety of hotels to suit every budget, and accommodation can be arranged at short notice.

The presence of hidden rocks and currents along this stretch of the coast make this each unsuitable for swimming. The sea claims a number of lives every year as unwary swimmers are dragged by the current.

The north end of Someshwara beach has the ancient Someshwara Temple. The temple is believed to have been constructed by Queen Abakka Devi of Ullal. A natural wonder is in the form of the NagaTeertha, a pond beside the beach temple with a perennial underground source of sweet freshwater.

The tourist facilities at this beach are virtually non- existent. Tourists travelling in a group or as a family are advised to carry drinking water and food as there are no shops along the beach.



2. Panambur Beach

Reputed for being one of the cleanest and safest beaches in India to swim, enjoy and have fun in, Panmabur beach is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist places in Mangalore. The stunning ocean, exuberant waves and the beauty of the shoreline attracts a number of holidaymakers, both local and outstation tourists as well as adventure seekers. The beach has a host of amenities and sports activities lined up for the people like jetski, horse and camel rides along the shore, as well as the more thrilling ATV rides.

While here, you can also treat your taste buds to some amazing local cuisines at the restaurants that line the beach. The beach is situated a small distance away from the main city of Mangalore and can be easily reached via the main highway. Bask in the glorious view of the ships sailing along the ocean and witness the glorious views of the skies and ships sailing along the sea.

An Overview of the Panambur Beach

Located at a distance of just 13 kilometers from Mangalore, to the south of the Mangalore Port, Panambur beach is very accessible. The beach is named after the nearby port and it’s trade, because in the local vernacular, ‘Panam’ means money. This place is crowded during sunsets as the Konkan coast is famous for such views.

The beach is often called Tanniru Bhavi and as it is adjacent to the mouth of the Gurupu River, it is very picturesque. Clean and well maintained unlike many other beaches along the Arabian Sea, Panambur Beach is very safe too, and this is why it mainly attracts tourists.

There are other places of religious interest nearby and it is ideal for a day’s outing.

What to See and Do in Panambur Beach

There are many tourist attractions in Panambur, like camel rides and carnivals organized by the district authorities in order to entertain the visitors. The carnivals are particularly popular during the summer holidays as they help in entertaining the local children.

There are boat rides and boat races, kite flying contests held during the kite festival, air shows and sand-sculpture contests that keep the holiday crowd happy and entertained.



3. Ullal Beach

Ullal beach is one of the best places to visit in Mangalore, the beach has a continuous shoreline fringed by coconut palm trees and a fishermen’s lane that leads right upto the beach. A historical town forged out of years of history, wars and conflict; Ullal remains popular because of its untouched pristine beauty.

A derelict fort of Abbakka Devi, the great warrior queen also lies on this beach. The fort and some 16th century ancient temples is what attract people to this serene destination. The Dargah of Syed Mohammad Shereful Madani is also a major draw of this destination.

It is mainly the serenity and calmness of the beach that attracts tourists here. Ullal Beach is also known for its neat sea shore and tranquil beauty. The long stretch of golden sands and cool breeze adds to its beauty. It is set in about 14 acres of casuarinas groves

The picturesque casuarinas groves offer a breathtaking view when the sun sets, and there are well furnished cottages along the beach providing a perfect holiday getaway. Historical locations like the Someshwara Temple, St. Sebastian Church, Queen Abbakka’s Fort at Ranipura, and Summer Sands Beach Resort are famous tourist spots in Ullal.

The Summer Sands Beach Resort, nestled in an arcadia of palms with its red-tiled roof, is of particular interest to tourists. The beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing and you can indulge in water sports or take long walks along the shore. The local cuisine is amazing, and a definite must-try. Although there are options for both vegetarians and non vegetarians, the latter, in particular, will have an amazing time as this place is well known for its seafood.

How to Get There

Mangalore is well connected with major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, so getting to Ullal is quite easy. Three highways, namely NH 17, NH 48 and NH 13 pass through Mangalore city. The nearest bus stand is just 1 km away at Ullal, and the Thokkottu bus stand lies 4 kilometers away.

The Mangalore Airport-IXE lies 30 kilometers from Ullal Beach and this is the nearest airport. Mangalore is also linked to all the major cities through rail, so you can take a train to the Mangalore Central Railway Station, which is 13 kilometers away from Ullal. Taxis or cars can be arranged from Mangalore to Ullal and these will help you reach faster.

Whether it is the tempting sea food, water sport facilities, miles of golden sand or simply the solitude that you love, this exotic beach has it all. The unmatched tranquility and the beautiful combo of sand and the sea enthrall and beckon tourists to this beach.

ullal beach


Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe Beach is located 12 km from Kundapur, which is 50 km north of Udupi and 105 km north of Mangalore; and it is a scenic beach that is a must-see for every tourist visiting Karnataka.

The National Highway (NH17) passes at a close distance of 100 m from the shoreline. While traveling on the highway along the beach for a kilometer stretch, you can see the Arabian Sea on one side and the Kodachadri Hills forming a backdrop to the Sauparnika River on the other. The beach has white sandy shores covered with flora and there are plenty of private cottages and hotels, which are located on the shores.

Water sports at Maravanthe Beach are famous and one of the favorite activities among visitors. You can laze in the sun or take a drive along the shore. You can go scuba diving and snorkeling and get a glimpse of the coral reefs and marine life that is abounded with deep-sea creatures. The water is safe for swimming as the tides are gentle. Other beach activities include beach walk, meditation, and yoga.

Some major tourist attractions in and around the beach are St. Mary’s Island, Baindur, and Ottanane. Baindur, which is 45 km from Maravanthe, has its own beach and scenic sunsets. You can go on a boat cruise on the Sauparnika River or take a dip in it. For the religious crowd, there are temples located at the banks of the Suaparnika River.

Near Baindur is the beautiful Belekal Theertha Falls. Maravanthe Beach is also a preferred picnic spot among the natives. Spicy sea food is one of the specialties of Maravanthe Beach along with mouth-watering non-vegetarian recipes. A range of cuisines from Indian, continental to South Indian dishes will also be available for vegetarians. Shopping is rather low key with most compulsive shoppers satisfying themselves with colorful collectibles made of conch shells.

How to Reach Maravanthe Beach

The nearest airport is the Mangalore airport. From the airport, you can travel by bus or hire a taxi to reach the beach. The nearest railway station, Kundapur, is 18 km away, and Mangalore is at a distance of 110 km. Take a bus or hire a taxi to reach the beach. You can reach Maravanthe via Kundapur accessible by all cities of Karnataka. By road, Maravanthe Beach is 450 km from Bangalore, 130 km from Gokarna, 275 km from Goa, and 50 km from Udupi.

Best Time to Visit Maravanthe Beach

The best time to visit the beach would be between September and March. Post monsoon season is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and general tourism as during the monsoon; both the Sauparnika River and Arabian Sea swell and merge, making the road almost inaccessible.



Kaup Beach 

Kaup Beach is one of the major beaches in the city of Mangalore. With its tropical climate and bevy of attractions that beckon tourists from across the country, Mangalore is a port city that promises to keep uplifting your spirits every minute you spend in this city.

Kaup or Kapu as the place is known in the local Tulu language is a village town located between Udupi and Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. The region is predominantly known for one of the most serene and pristine beaches that you can find. Owing to the greenery surrounding the beach on all sides, tourists make a bee-line towards this place for a quick weekend trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Although Kaup hasn’t been explored on a full-fledged level, the beach attracts many tourists and there have instances of films being shot in the beach and the surrounding areas as well. Kaup beach is famously known to house an old lighthouse that was apparently built in the year 1901. The lighthouse is open for visitors during certain periods of time in the course of the day. It offers a delightful view of the entire beach and seashore that will surely take your breath away.

How to Reach Kaup

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore. Thereafter, you have to make a trip by road.
  • By Rail: The nearest stations are at Udupi and Mangalore. Kaup is a 25-minute journey from the town of Udupi.
  • By Road: Owing to its apt location on the West Coast National Highway between Udupi and Mangalore, Kaup is best accessible by road. The distance between Kaup and several other places can be calculated as follows: Udupi (12 km), Mangalore (45 km), Bengaluru (410 km), and Manipal (15 km). There are regular buses that ply between the aforementioned cities/towns that connect Kaup.

With its stretches of white sands, perfect location and idle atmosphere, Kaup is a place that you’ll never want to leave, thanks to its pristine beauty.


Malpe Beach

An Overview of the Beach

A natural port located just 6 km from Udupi, Karnataka; the Malpe beach is known for its charming and attractive golden brown sand and turquoise blue waters. It is lined with palm trees and the blue skies above add to the scene, providing a perfect picture. Your vacation will be complete when you lie down on the sand and enjoy every bit of the natural splendour around you, along with the cool air from the sea and shades from the palms.

The amazing view of the sea is sure to make your trip unforgettable. The beach in Malpe is also termed as a virgin beach as its beauty remains untouched and intact. A small river, known as the Udayavara River, flows around the beach and this is also known as the Malpe River.

Activities and Things to Do

The activities that you can take up in the beach are abundant and most of these activities are nature-based ones. The beach has numerous islands nearby and it can be an amazing experience to watch these islands from up close.

St. Mary’s Island is the most popular attraction in this place and a small ride on a local boat from the beach can get you there. The island is known for its exclusive geographic feature – volcanic rocks, and the rocks here are mainly vertical and hexagonal ones.

A fort is present in the Daria-Bahadurgad Island, and this can be reached through a boat ride from the beach. This fort was built by Basavappa Nayaka of Bidanur. There are many famous temples that you can spot around the region too, mainly the Balrama and Ananteshwara temples.

A fascinating harbour is also located close to the beach where ships are built. You can take up many water sports at the beach and these include fishing, angling, swimming and sailing.

Getting to Malpe Beach and More

The beach in Malpe can be visited during the months that fall between October and December. The region is well connected by train, air routes and roads. The closest airport lies in the city of Mangalore and the closest railway station lies in the town of Udupi. The roads are well connected to Malpe through Udupi, Mangalore and Bangalore.



Mukka Beach  

Mukka beach is situated 16 kilometres from Mangalore. Mukka beach is very good looking beach. The loveliness of this beach is increase by an old light house situated on this beach. One can experience variety of shells on this beach. Mukka beach is covered with the golden sands and tall pine trees. Mukka beach is not so famous beach among the tourist hence the beach is not so crowded.

There are few rocks in the water gives a picturesque view.


Mukka beach is located in the rural side of the city of Mangalore. Mukka beach is based in the coasts of Arabian Sea. It is situated towards the northern side NITK of the Surathmal Campus connecting the National Highway no 17. Mukka village is quiet developed town.


Nethrani Island is a small island not so occupied situated 17 Kilometres from Murudeshwar is one of the attraction for tourist in Mukka. Lord Shiva temple is placed in Nethrani Island which attracts a lot of devotees. It also has a tiny fishing place and also has a perfect dive environment in the country.



One can enjoy Shacks and shelters available on Mukka beach to experience lovely breezy climate and calmness of the beach. Most of the tourists also take sunbath by hiring the shack from the beach restaurants on Mukka beach.

Shelters are also available under the tall coconut trees to enjoy beautiful sunset. It’s an amazing experience to rest in the shelter on the coconut trees this is also one of the attractions for foreigners.

One can also enjoy long evening walks on this serene Mukka beach. The beautiful breeze on Mukka beach is rejuvenating and refreshing.

How To Reach

Mukka Beach is well connected by Road and railways. Local transport is conveniently available to move within the city.

Sasihithlu beach
Sasihithlu beach is two kms from NITK Surathkal near Mukka, 22 kms from Mangalore on NH 66. A small deviation near Haleyangadi leads to this spectacular Sasihithlu beach. It is a beach meant to enjoy its beauty. The white sands look like a milky way spread across the blue sea. Cool breeze from the sea provides soothing relief. Its quite and noise free here, with hardly any people in its vicinity. Tourists are absent here except for the local fishermen. The beautiful island of ‘Munda’ surrounded by Shambhave River and Nandini River on one side and Arabian Sea on the other, makes it a remarkable tourist spot.

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