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Sri Durga Devi Temple – Kunjargiri

Kunjaru is a hamlet in Kurkaal grama, situated 6-7 miles (approximately 11kms) to the south-east of Shree Krishna’s Udupi.

This small village is reputed for its sanctity owing to the celebrated Durga Temple on a high hillock popularly known by the names: Kunjarugiri, Durgabetta and Vimanagiri.. This potent Durga Saannidhya, which was installed by none other than Lord Parashurama.

The high hills, abodes of  Shree Durga and Lord Parashurama, look like “Kunjara” (Elephant) for which the place is known as “Kunjaragiri” or “Kunjarugiri”.  

It is also reputed as “Vimanagiri” because the Gods and Godesses came by “Vimana” to offer floral tribute, when Jaganmatha Durga was installed on the hill by the Lord Parashurama.

Sacred association  of  Vishwaguru  Shri Madhwacharya – gives it a prominent place in the spiritual sphere.

The ancient Durga temple stands on the top of Vimanagiri amidst the lush green groves of  hilly serenity. This very serene location of the temple, its antiquity and the divinity of the magnificent idol of the Goddess, at once creates a memorable feeling of  long lasting devotion and piety in the hearts of the devotees. It has been the experience of every devotee who visits the temple for worship. The devotees feel the spiritual solace and the potent protection at the feet of Durgadevi. The holy atmosphere in and around the shrine, the holy Theerthas, the Lord Parashurama Temple and the nearness to Paajaka Kshetra makes it an important place for the pilgrims.


Seva List

Devotees may send Seva remittance to the Temple address through M.O. (money order), check or D.D. (demand draft) or directly remit  to  SB  A/C  No:  01092200002320  Syndicate Bank , Carstreet , Udupi.

Check or D.D.  should be drawn in favour of   “Shree Durgadevi Temple, Kunjarugiri”

Postal Address

The Manager,
Shree Durgadevi temple,
Udupi – 574105

On the back of the check  or draft or space provided in the  money order or space available in the deposit note, you may also write your postal address and email ( if you have) and reference as “Kunjarugiridurga” clearly for reference.

Please  click on Contact Us   if  you need more information regarding Sevas.

Seva Name Price in Indian Rupees
1 Sarva Seva Uttama Kalpa (Including Santharpane full day) 3,100.00
2 Sarva Seeva  Madyama Kalpa (Excluding Santharpane) 1,100.00
3 Mahapooja Uttama Kalpa (Inculding Santharpane) 1,600.00
4 Mahapooja Madyama Kalpa (Exculding Santharpane) 550.00
5 Deeparadhana 1,550.00
6 Hoovina Pooja Uttama Kalpa 1,100.00
7 Hoovina Pooja Madyama Kalpa 660.00
8 Hoovina Pooja Samanya Kalpa 150.00
9 Panchamrutha Abhisheka 310.00
10  Kshira Abhisheka 50.00
11  Alankara Pooja 410.00
12  Sahasranamarchane 550.00
13  Kumkuma Archane 20.00
14  Karthika Pooja 20.00
15  Harivaana Naivedhya 50.00
16  Payasa Naivedhya (Payasa Samarpane) 50.00
18  Devimahathme Parayana 50.00
19  Nanda Deepa for 1 Day 50.00
20  Nanda Deepa for 1 Month 500.00
21 Nanda Deepa for 1 Year 5,000.00
22  Mrustanna Aradhane 1,100.00
23  Tulabhara Kaanike (Expenses Extra) 550.00
24  Satyanarayana Pooja 1,100.00
25  Durga Pooja 200.00
26  Trimadhura Samarpane 50.00
27  Panchakajjaya 10.00
28  Kanniakaa Pooja (Only during Navaraathri days) 180.00
29  Udaka Kumbha Abhisheka 110.00
30   Nandikeshwara, Raktheshwari, Shasthav – Thambila Seva 220.00
31  Daily Mahapooja (Shashwatha Pooja Nidhi)
(Seva from the Intrest of F.D. Rs.1,000.00)


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