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Sahasralingeshwara Temple, Uppinangady

Sahasralingeshwara Temple is one of the oldest temples of  Dakshina Kannada district and it is also referred as Dakshina Kashi. The Sahasralingeshwara Temple is located in Uppinangaday  where the two sacred rivers of Dakshina Kannada River Netravathi and River Kumaradhara confluence. The temple is situated adjacent to the National Highway NH-48 (Bangalore-Mangalore Highway).

According to the Skanda Purana, Bheemasena – one of the Pandavas was attacked by the giant animal, Purusha Mruga when he was on the duty of Rajasooya Yaga. To avoid from the attack of Purusha Mruga, Bheemasena droped a hair on the earth, this turned into a Shiva linga. Purusha Mruga saw this and started worshipping Lord Shiva. Bheema used this tactic to escape from Purusha Mruga whenever this giant animal is about to attack. Finally, Bheemasena dropped a handful of hair on ground and these hairs turned into thousands (Sahasra) of Shiva Lingas. Purusha Mruga started worshipping all Shiva Lingas and this helped Bheemasena to escape. Uppinangady is the place where Bheemasena dropped his hairs. It is still believed that 1000 Lingas exists in the river near Sahasralingeshwara Temple.

The Sahasralingeshwara Temple is very old temples and the temple has history of about 2500 years. The present structure of the temple belongs to the 13th century. The original linga is covered by sand on the bank of river Netravathi towards the left of the Sahasralingeshwara temple. During annual festival, the sand is removed and also a temporary structure is built of Lord Sahasralingeshwara. It is extremely hard to get rid of the entire sand hiding the Shiva lingas because it will get filled in rainy seasons every year.

The Kumaradhara River joins Nethravathi River near Sahasralingeshwara Temple in Uppinanangady. At the time of heavy rainy season, these two sacred rivers get united before Lord Sahasralingeshwara. It is believed as an good time for devotees to take holy bath and then worship Lord Shiva, which assures eternal purity and Moksha after death.

Apart from the Sahasralingeshwara temple, Goddess Mahakali has a separate shrine on the banks of river Nethravathi holding the trisen, trishula, khadga, damaruga and a bowl of beverage in her hands.

Mokhe Jathre is held thrice in every year – on a full moon day of Hindu Magha month, Krishnapaksha Ashtami of Magha month and on Shivarathri.

Distance from Uppinangady Sahasralingeshwara temple:

Bangalore: 301 Km
Mysore: 233 Km
Mangalore: 55 Km
Dharmasthala: 39 Km
Belthangady: 24 Km
Bantwal: 30 Km
Puttur: 14 Km
Sullia: 50 Km
Mulki: 73 Km
Bajpe: 55 Km
BC Road: 29 Km

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Bantwal

Road: Uppinangady is well connected by the road network. National Highway NH-48 passes via Uppinangady

Route map to reach Uppinangady: (Driving Directions)

From Bangalore: via Nelamangala – Hassan – Sakaleshpura

From Mysore: via Holenarsipura – Hassan – Sakaleshpura

From Mangalore: via BC Road

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