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Kadri Manjunatha Temple

Kadri Manjunatha Temple is one of famous and ancient temples located on Kadri hills in Mangalore city. It is believed that the temple has been built during the 10th century and it was converted to a complete stone structure during the 14th century.

The Kadri Manjunatha temple built with nine water tanks, nestles at the foot of the highest hill at Kadri in Mangalore.

This Temple on Kadri hills is dedicated to Lord Manjunatha, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The idol of Lord Manjunatha is oldest among the south Indian temples. The idol of Lord Manjunatha is made of bronze. The sub-deities include Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durgaparmeshwari, Lord Shasta, Vyasa Muni and Gomukha Ganpathi.

The main pilgrim attractions of Kadri are the temple, the seven sacred ponds, Jogi Mutt and caves of Pandavas.
The Name – Kadri:

The earliest orientation to it is in the epigraph dated 968 on this statue. It mentions that King Kundavarma Bupendra of the Alupas lineage, caused the Lokeshwara statue to be installed inKadarika Vihara.

Kadarika is the earliest name of this place, and ‘Vihara’ is the name given to a Buddhist settlement. Buddhism flourished at Kadri till the 10th century. Even after its decline and with the beginning of the Natha Pantha, the name continued in practice. Hence, the name Kadri.




According to the legend, Parashurama who lived in Sahyadri, killed the kshatriyas who were unkind and donated the lands to Kashyapa. He prayed to Lord Shiva to settle down. Lord Shiva assured Parashurama that if he performs a penance at Kadali (Kadri) kshetra, then Lord Shiva would reincarnate as Manjunatha for the welfare of the world. As per Lord Shiva’s instructions, Parashurama threw his axe into the sea and formed a place for his penance.

Lord Shiva was pleased from Parashurama’s penance and Lord Shiva appeared to him as Manjunatha along with his wife Goddess Parvathi and resided at Kadri for the welfare of the world.

Yielding to Parashurama’s prayers Lord Shiva appeared to him as Manjunatha along with Goddess Parvathi and stayed at Kadri for the betterment of the world. As per the instructions of Lord Manjunatha, the Sapthakoti manthras become the seven sacred ponds.

In front of the temple, at a height there are 7 water ponds. There’s a garden surrounding the ponds. There is a natural spring at an important location on the backside of the temple. It is called as Gomukha. The water from this spring is let into 7 ponds and devotees before entering the temple come here and wash themselves.

Festivals: Lakshadeepotsava and Pattanaje are the major festivals celebrated here in a great devotion.
How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore

Nearest Railhead: Mangalore

Road: Mangalore is well connected by roads.

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