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Durga Parameswari

Mandarthi Durgaparameshwari Temple

History of Shree Kshetra Long ago the King Shankachooda was ruling Nagaloka.He had five daughters Devarathi, Nagarathi, Charurathi, Mandarathi and Neelarathi.     Once they went to Kailasa with an aspiration of marrying the Lord Subramanya Swamy, son of the ...

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Munder Durgaparameshwari

Mundkur is a beautiful temple village located in Karkala taluk, Udupi District The main attraction of Mundkur village is a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga Parameshwari. This temple at Mundkur features with a history of 1300 years. The main deity worshipped here ...

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