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Brand Mangaluru/Mangalore or Un-divided Dakshina Kannada.

Brand Mangaluru/Mangalore or Tulunadu or Un-divided Dakshina Kannada.

What is a logo?
Logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.


Why does a city/region need a logo?

As we all accept that there is a universal competition for people’s physical and mental time and attention, and cities are not exempt from this. In this case we are talking about Un-dividided Dakshina Kannada (if not Tulunadu) or Mangaluru or Mangalore. We all have preconceived views of places, often based on limited firsthand experience or mostly on word of mouth. The role of a brand identity is to help reinforce or correct those assumptions.

For a city or region, the identity helps create positive, distinguishing associations for people who would like to get associated with the city/region, may be as investors, students, businessman, or simply tourists. When done well, logos, marks, or symbols (whatever you choose to call them) are hard to beat for creating such mental shortcuts. They can provide an immediate visual trigger to a set of emotions or ideas that put a city/regions in the best possible light. They can capture the world’s imagination, instill pride and a sense of place among its people, and spark economic growth through tourism and business investment.

The challenge was to reflect the different aspects of the city-from authoritative, restrained, and serious to vibrant, visionary, and passionate. We needed to show off the city of Mangaluru/Mangalore’s cool sophistication on the world stage, capture the passion of its people, and provide the city with a unified, flexible, and future-focused image.

following are the some of the examples of Logos from across the world, however these are for illustration purpose only.










Even our own Bengaluru/Bangalore has its own official logo. Personally speaking, I dont like the concept… as it looks similar to the logo of city Amsterdam 🙂




Let me know what do you think? Do you think Mangaluru/Mangalore(Un-divided Dakshina Kannada) should have its own official logo?

We have started a online pettion for this cause, We can influence our city mayor or corporation to adopt a official city logo with your support. Please sign this pettition

Sign your pettition here… https://www.change.org/p/mangalore-city-corportation-to-get-an-official-logo-for-mangaluru-city-or-mangalore-city

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