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Bangudde Masala



Ingredients/Method for Stuffing:
1 big Onion finely chopped
4 Garlic flakes finely chopped
1 inch Ginger finely chopped
All above fry in oil and add 1 tspn of Chili salt paste*

Slit the big size Mackerel at the top side and stuff with the above masala and tie them as seen & shallow fry.

Preparation of Chilli Salt Paste: (To be preserved for future use)
Grind 65 Red Long Chillies, 1 Tbspn Cummin seed, 1 Tspn turmeric powder, Salt, add Vinegar- don’t make it too sour. Add water( boil the water and then bring to room temp) and grind to a fine paste. This masala can be used for fried fish/shrimps

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