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Balindra Parbha

Balindra Pooja is performed on the fourth day of Diwali. This is also known as Bali Padyami Puja . It is a very popular practice in south India .

balindra pooje

There is a very interesting legend behind this puja which is related to Bali Chakravarthy. Long ago, King Bali had performed 99 yagas and was about to complete his 100th one. If he had done that, he would have become the king of heaven and replace Indra. It was then that Vishnu took the Vamana avatara and sent Bali to patala loka. But in turn he was also given a boon that once in a year, he would come to earth and rule the place. From then onwards, it bacame a tradition to worship Bali on this day as the ruler of the earth.

On Bali Padyami day, puja is first offered to Lord Krishna and then an image of Bali is artistically drawn on the ground in front of the premise.. The Balindra is moulded out of cow dung in a square shape and shanthi flowers are stuck to it which is worshipped as Balindra. A large number of lamps are lit around it and puja is offered to it. Then puja is offered to cows after they are washed, fed and decorated with flowers Then the cows are taken in a procession.

The evening is celebrated with aratis to Varalakshmi, Mangala Gowri and Swarna Gowri. This day marks the beginning of Karthika deepa month wherein lamps are lit in houses and temples for one whole month. At the end , people burst crackers with friends and family and conclude the festival.

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